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The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth is a game of the RTS genre like no other. It brings Tolkien's world to life with the beautiful C&C Generals improved SAGE engine, by offering new camera views, and the ability to have hundreds of units at a time. Here are just some of the features in the Battle for Middle Earth:
  • Non-linear campaign for each side (Evil and Good).
  • A beautiful map, known as the "Living World" to manage your armies on.
  • Improved unit A.I system
  • Unit emotions! Watch your units come to life with fear, cheering, taunting, and more.
  • Control your favorite Heroes of Middle-Earth, such as Aragorn or Gandalf.
  • Create your own battlefields with the improved World Builder.
  • Experience battle like never before! Units and buildings will gain veterancy based on how much they are used!
  • Go online and play others with new and improved online systems!
  • Control one of four armies, Gondor, Isengard, Mordor, or Rohan!
How will you fight the Battle for Middle-Earth?

To view the system requirements for The Battle for Middle-Earth click here.

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