Featured Mod: The Hobbit Expansion Pack

The Hobbit Expansion Pack

What is The Hobbit Expansion Pack About?
The Hobbit Expansion Pack is based on J.R.R Tolkien’s other book, the Hobbit, the prequel to the Lord of the Rings. It features dwarves, wood elves, men, spiders, goblins, and other wild creatures, that we, TEK Productions, felt would be excellent ground to make a mod. The battles include the Battle of the Five Armies, the killing of the Great Goblin, the Lonely Mountain, and more.

What's so special about The Hobbit Expansion Pack?
Well, there are many things that make this mod new and original. Such as the factions that we are creating, the spider and eagle factions, which nobody has ever tried to make. We’re also making a new campaign for both good and evil, which will feature more of objective missions, rather than go destroy all of your enemy’s buildings. It will also have a build anywhere technique, porter and healer units, naval wars, trading abilities w/ your allies online, realistic effects with heroes and upgrades, new upgrades, and the list goes on. The most amazing and special thing about this mod is the fact we’re adding 6 new factions, new campaigns, and much more, and after about two months we’re already about to release our beta.

Can I see some models? Screenshots?
Here is a few of the first draft of a few heroes:

So what can I do?
Well, we are about to release beta, but we are still in need of animators, binders, and modelers. So if anyone feels they could help out with 2 to 7 of these, you can e-mail me at lukeschenk[at]shaw[dot]ca

When will The Hobbit Expansion Pack be ready?
Once we have all units for both factions put into the game, all buildings and powers etc. And some skirmish maps put in, we will release a BETA, we will ask for BETA testers when we grow nearer the time.

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Want to learn how to mod Battle for Middle-Earth?
Click on some of the images scrolling at the bottom of each page. Each will provide you with valuble information. I recommend The 3rd Age. On the forums I am known as Lord Of Gifts.

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