Map of Mordor

The History of Mordor

Mordor was only named after Sauron had settled there, which directly means "The Black Lands". Sauron used the mountains surrounding Mordor from all sides except for the east, the mountains of Ephel Duath, as a natural border and fortification for his lands. There is only one break in the mountain chain of Ephel Duath, which Sauron built a massive gate on, called Morannon. Most of Mordor is made up of a dry desert, with one siginicant noticable geographical figure, Orodruin, or Mount Doom. This was Sauron's main reason to move to Mordor, for he used the power of the mountain in his evil doings.

Perhaps one of the only structures here is the frightening tower of Barad-Dur, Sauron's fortress. From here he can see all, with the massive, flaming, lidless eye, keeping watch over all of his lands. Mordor has two more structures however, to the South. Minas Morgul, which used to be called Minas Ithil, which lies just outside of Ephel Duath near Ithilien. Directly on the other side of the mountain lies Cirith Ungol, which was built by Gondor to be used as a watch tower, but was later ran over by orcs.

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